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Colt Single Action Army
SAA 44-401486xx5 1/2$4,000
Has carved ivory snake and eagle grips, 90% original nickel 5 1/2" barrel with factory letter.
SAA 45 Colt329xx7 1/2$5,500
Nickel with 80% original finish and carved ivory grips. Excellent overall with factory letter.
SAA 45 Colt318xx7 1/2POR
Good old western used gun with carved ivory grips.
SAA 44-40987xx7 1/2$4,000
Very good condition with some pitting and carved ivory grips.
SAA 45 Colt1440xx7 1/2$2,900
Engraved smooth old gun with ivory grips.
SAA 41 Colt 1583xx4 3/4$1,400
Mottled gray color, no finish remaining. Good overall.
SAA 451108xx5 1/2$2,000
70% blue and case colors. Shipped to Winchester.
SAA 44-401108xx4 3/4$3750
Etched barrel, factory letter, original nickel, fine.
SAA 45 Colt1338xx4 3/4$3500
Ivory grips, factory letter, 40% blue with some case color.
SAA 45 Colt776xxSheriff's ModelP.O.R.
First day, first shipment of sheriff models, factory letter, 40% blue, sharp edges, No signs of roughness, good screws, 75% finish on walnut grips.
SAA 38-401713xx4 3/4$3750
Carved ivory snake one piece snake grips with Mexican gold coin insert in grip, Excellent black powder pistol.
SAA 45 Colt461xx7 1/2$3200
Brown gun with old ivory two piece grips.
SAA 45 Colt667xx7 1/2$3600
All matching, one piece ivory grips that look original, factory letter.
SAA 44-40721xx7 1/2$3600
Factory nickel (40%), two piece ivory grips.
SAA 45 Coltxxxxx4 3/4P.O.R.
Factory letter, shipped to Hartley and Graham, full coverage engraving, looks unfired.
SAA 44-40461xx7 1/2$3500
Ivory grips, factory letter, very good condition.
SAA 44-40721xx7 1/2$3750
Factory letter, nickel finish, ivory grips.
SAA 45 Colt667xx7 1/2$3600
Very good condition, ivory grips.
SAA 38-401713xx4 3/4$2595
Fine condition, 1897 manufacture.
SAA 411262xx4 3/4$2750
Eagle grips. Has 95% blue and case colors. Possible refinish.
SAA 45296xx7 1/2$3750
Good aged appearance overall fine.
SAA 451005xx4 3/4$2200
Hard rubber grips. Gun has turned a blue brown color overall. Factory letter.
SAA 44-401374xx4 3/4$2500
Eagle grips. Overall smooth blue brown color.
SAA 411437xx4 3/4$1600
Mottled color with hard rubber grips. Mechanically perfect. Has good appearance.
SAA 411437xx4 3/4$1600
Has replacement wood grips. Mechanically perfect. Has good appearance.
SAA 411474xx4 3/4$2195
Fine hard rubber grips. Mechanically tight. Some blue in protected areas. Condition VG
SAA 451502xx4 3/4$1750
Light pitting on frame and cylinder. Brown gun.
SAA n/a1543xx4n/a
description 21
SAA 45200xx7 1/2$5500
Factory letter. 90% Nickel remaining. Screws still show bright blue. Ivory grips show age.
SAA N/R275xx7 1/2$3000
Wood grips, overall brown gun.
SAA n/a428xx7 1/2$4000
Wood grips, some blue andcase colors. Beautiful gun in fine condition.
SAA n/a498xxn/an/a
description 29
SAA N/R543xx7 1/2$2750
Wood grips. Very good condition overall.
SAA 45722xx5 1/2$2000
Replaced rubber grips. Overall smooth gray color.
SAA 45883xx7 1/2$4500
50 % original nickel. Ivory grips show age and look original.
SAA 45898xx5 1/2$2500
30% original nickel 5 1/2 inch barrel. Fine condition.
Colt Double Action
Lightning 381529xxnr$1495
98% blue and case colors, excellent condition.
Lightning 381302xxnr$695
25% case color, 30 % blue. Good grips, screws etc. VG condition.
1878 44-40374xx7 1/2$1650
Colt 1878 double action with 50% original blue.
Lightning 381412xx4 1/2$600
15% case color, 20 % blue. Good grips, screws etc. VG condition.
Colt Percussion
1862 Police/Navy 3614xxnr$900
Good grips and mechanics with trace of silver on backstrap.
1849 Pocket Conversion 383069xxnr$675
Full cylinder scene with 75% silver on backstrap and trigger guard.
1851 Navy 36 112xxnr$1500
Lots of silver on backstrap and trigger guard. 60-70% cylinder scene. Replaced grips.
1851 Navy 36 1663xxnr$1350
Grey gun with very good wood grips.
1851 London Navy 36 478xxnr$1350
Grey gun in very good condition with British proofs.
1851 Navy 36 217xxnr$1500
Very good, brown gun with good grips and mechanics.
1849 Pocket 311417xx4" Oct$500
Blue finish, walnut grips. Dovetail rear sight on the barrel. Unnumbered wedge with replacement screw. An illegible name is lightly scratched on the butt. In very good condition with all metal surfaces turning a dark brown/gray. Brass grip frames show aged patina. All markings are sharp. Faint roll engraving on the cylinder. Mechanically good with dark bore. Grips are fine.
1849 Pocket 312753xx4" Oct$800
Blue finish, walnut grips. Dovetail rear sight on the barrel. Unnumbered wedge with replacement screw. An illegible name is lightly scratched on the butt. In very good condition with all metal surfaces turning a dark brown/gray. Brass grip frames show aged patina. All markings are sharp. Faint roll engraving on the cylinder. Mechanically good with dark bore. Grips are fine.
1860 Army 441433xx8" Round$950
Blue finish, walnut grips. Replacement wedge. Letter H behind the trigger-guard. In very good condition overall. Metal is turning dark gray with moderate surface pitting. Trace of cylinder engraving. Markings and numbers are clear. Grips are very good with moderate wear and fit well. Mechanically tight with dark bore.
Remington Pistol
Rem. Beals Navy Perc. 36 1-6xx7.5$1200
Standard model revolver with no military markings. Very good condition with metal turning a smooth dark bluish-brown. Grips have a major repair running the full length of the grip. Mechanically OK. Bright bore with some dark spots.
Remington Magazine Pistol 32 3.125nsn$1800
3 and 1/8 octagon barrel with nickel finish and rosewood grips. Retains 97% original untouched finish with minor pitting at the muzzle. The action is fine but the grips are worn at the high spots and scratched.
New Model Police Percussion. 36 2xxx4.5$700
Standard octagonal barrel model percussion. Barrel retains 30-40% blue finish with remainder turning gray with spots of dark surface finish. Frame and hammer have turned a smooth dark gray. Cylinder is refinished and has turned a smooth light gray with noticeable drag line. Nickel plated brass triggerguard retains 98% of bright finish. Grips are excellent showing only minor handling marks. Mechanically tight.
New Model Army 44 nrnr$1500
60% blue on barrel, very nice overall.
Smith and Wesson
American 44 S&W196xx8$2,200
Nickel finish, wood grips. Numbers and assembly numbers match. Condition: Wear fine overall with approximately half of nickel remaining with some large patches of light pitting and small patches of surface rust. The grips have a few dents and scratches. Bore is fair.
New Model 3 44 Russian200xxN/R$1200
Nickel shows very littlewear.
Colt 3rd Model "Theur" Derringer41 rfNSNN/R$600
Nickel finish is 90% with fire blue screws. Excellent wood grips with 100% varnish and perfect bore.
Sharps 1859 4 barrel heavy frame 30 caliber derringer. Full checkered wood grips, very good condition.
National #2 Model Derringer 41 rfNSNN/R$495
Single shot derringer originally nickel with some remaining finish. Mechanically perfect.
Other Antique Handguns
Johnson US Model 184254NSN8.5$1400
Martial pistol dated 1853 on lock and barrel tange with JWA/X carved on the left sideof the stock. Very good condition overall. Fair bore but mechanically tight. The stock is cracked from the backstrap to the sideplate. (Have two similar Johnson US Martial Pistols in stock.)


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