The purpose of this page is to establish links of interest collectors of western items. There are a great many other pages that do an excellent job of maintaining general firearm links.

The Martini Gallery is the web's best information resource for Martini rifles.

John Appleton has quite a few Martini's for sale.

 Jim Wasmundt of Fossil, Oregon is an outstanding Martini and general gunsmith.[Mail Envelope Image]
Useful accessories for measuring cast lead bullets and a case turning service can be found at Kevin Pinkerton's home page.

A list of gun links is maintained at Gun Links.

Jeff Chan's site is Guide to Internet Firearms Resources.

Advanced Tactical Technologies features firearms training.

This site is the home bench rest lists.

,Jansa Antique Arms, has old guns and occasionally a Martini for sale and is run by a really nice guy.

Rich's Firearms Page - A wealth of info for the firearms enthusiast!  Home of Gun Chat.

The Single Shot Exchange occasionally has articles of interest concerning old guns.

Militaria Online is a Collectors Guide to military collectibles.

Contra Costa Collectible Firearms is located at this site.

If you're searching for that custom die set Huntington's is the first place to look.

Massive amounts of firearm information are contained at the rec.guns FAQ.

Another good collection of firearms links is found at shooters.

The Militaria House is located at this site.


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