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Winchester Lever Action Rifles
1866 Musket 44 rfn/rn/a$3,500
1866 3rd model musket with beautiful patina brass frame, very good wood, and balance of metal a brown patina.
1873 Musket 44-40n/an/a$2,500
1873 Winchester short musket with nice brown patina and solid wood. Very colorful.
1873 SRC 44-40n/rn/a$2,500
1873 Indian SRC. Stock was fitted from Kentucky Rifle with lots of inlay. Rifle was purchased from a museum in Northern Nebraska and gun has old museum tag.
1873 SRC 44-403919xxn/a$1,395
Good wood, blue/brown finish, good western used carbine.
1873 SRC 38-402893xxn/a$1,495
Just a very good old carbine with solid wood.
1873 SRC 44-40527xxn/a$1,500
Overall good, gray colored carbine.
1873 SRC 44-403919xxn/a$1,395
Saddle ring carbine made in 1892 with good, solid stock. Good old west carbine.
1873 Rifle 44-402742xxn/a$1,800
Lots of blue on barrel, receiver, with gray colored magazine tube. Very good to excellent.
1873 Rifle 38-404031xxn/a$1,500
Good solid wood with nice blue brown patina. Overall very good.
1873 Rifle 44-40760xxn/a$1,500
Octagonal rifle with some blue on barrel and magazine. Nice old gray rifle frame with excellent wood.
1873 Rifle nr757xxn/a$1,650
Round barrel second model rifle with short magazine. Some gouges on forend but wood overall is solid.
1873 Rifle 38-403360xxn/a$1,450
Very good to excellent condition.
1873 Rifle 44-401382xxn/a$1,495
Round barrel rifle with full mazazine. Blue brown color on frame, barrel, and magazine. Fine condition overall.
1873 38-404334xxn/a$1700
Round barrel, excellent metal, very good wood.
1873 38-401420xxn/a$2000
Octagon barrel rifle with excellent wood. blue turning to brown, still bright on barrel.
1873 44-40761xxn/a$1400
Round barrel, very good condition.
76 Deluxe 40-65242xx24$9,000
1/2 Round, 1/2 Octagon 24" 40-65 cal. Barrel. 1/2 magazine, single set trigger. Condition, Excellent, 50% Case Colors on Receiver, 90% Blue on barrel. Mint Bore.
1876 45-7564xx24$1,500
Gray color metal finish. Wood has been amateuristicly carved.
1876 45-7558xxNR$3,500
First model open top rifle. Fine wood, lots of blue, about excellent condition.
1876 40-60575xxNR$2,700
Octagon barrel, some blue on barrel and receiver.
1876 45-75371xxNR$1,700
Very good wood, mechanics etc. brownfinish.
1886 40-82643xxnr$1,225
Round barrel rifle. Very good with excellent wood.
1895 38-722xxN/R$2500
Flatside sporter rifle. 60% barrel blue, 40% frame, with one small chip missing from forend.
1895 30 US37xxN/R$6000
Flatside sporting rifle 90% finish. Nicest I have seen.
1894 30 W.C.Fna26"$650
Winchester 1894 30 W.C.F. 26 inch octagon barrel with 50-60 % of blue remaining. Action has turned a gray patina color. A very nice early 94 with solid wood that shows an early refinish, doesn't detract from the gun. A very good or better antique Winchester.
Colt Rifles
Colt Burgess Rifle 44-40nrN/R$3000
Round barrel rifle with no blue but grey colored metal. Stock is solide except for one small sliver out of top of forend.
Colt Lightning Express Rifle #63 40-60-260 ExpressnrN/R$3150
Very good to excellent condition with some blue, balance turning blue gray and excellent wood and sights. First year of production with octagon barrel.
Colt Lightning Express Rifle 38-56-225 ExpressnrN/R$2900
Condition is very good featuring solid wood with no cracks. Metal finish is a light grey color with traces of blue. Round barrel.
Colt Lightning Rifle 44-40334xxN/R$1550
Octagon barreled rifle with 40% blue on gun overall. Good solid wood with one small nick. Excellent condition.
Colt Lightning Rifle 32-20481xxN/R$1700
Excellent 32-20 caliber round barrel.
Colt Lightning Rifle 32-20356xxN/R$950
Octogon barrel, very good condition.
Marlin Lever Action Rifles
Marlin 1881 Rifle 45-70135xxN/R$1750
Octagon barrel, 80% blue on action and tube, 20% on barrel. Deep nick in action metal.
Marlin 1893 Rifle 38-55n/a24$4000
Factory engraved rifle octagonal barrel and blued/case colored finish. Engraved with scrolls and lines with a standing deer in a round panel on the left side of the receiver. Fine bore, fancy deluxe stock, 40% blue on barrel, 20% case colors on receiver, professionally restored to mint condition.
Single Shot Rifles
Stevens 44 Single Shot 32 rimfire099xxn/r$1,500
Condition mint unfired 32RF with case colored action.
1885 High Wall 45-70570xxn/r$7,500
This Rifle is excellent plus with case clored receiver and 95% blue. Rear tang peep sight with target front. Best high wall I've seen.
1885 High Wall Sporting Rifle 32-40670xx30" Oct$1,900
Paneled side round top case hardened flat spring action with single set trigger. #3 octagon barrel with buckhorn rear sight. Ebony forearm tip insert, straight stock, with crescent butt plate. Fine condition overall with moderate pitting around the muzzle. Barrel bluing turning dark blue/brown. Crisp mottled case colors. Mechanically tight with poor bore. Wood is very fine with light handling marks.
Remington Rolling Block 32 Rimfire47xxN/R$1000
Heavy barrel 65% case colors, 75% blue.
Remington Long Range Rolling Block45-70258xxN/R$900
Sporter, good wood and pantina.
Remington Long Range Rolling Block44-70 Sharps33xxN/R$1650
Nice patinaed rifle.
Remington Mid Range Rolling Block44-70 Sharps27xxN/R$1450
Nice rifle with 35-40% blue on barrel.
Remington #4 Rolling Block32 rimfire longNSNN/R$350
Faint case colors with 25% blue on barrel.
Remington Rolling Block SRC7 mmNSNN/R$450
Saddle ring carbine, very good condition.
Whitneyville-Laidley38 rfn/rN/R$2,500
38 Rimfire Sporting Rifle in as new condition with beautiful bore and tang sight. Best we have ever seen.
Whitneyville-Laidley45-70 n/rN/R$POR
Email for description
St. Louis Plains Rifle50n/rN/R$3,500
St. Louis Plains Rifle with Goucher lock and silver engraved stock, patch lock, and bullet trap. All trimming is sterling silver. Beautiful heavy barrel plains rifle seldom seen in this condition
Indian Trade Musket45-70xxN/R$2,500
Old W. Ridout and Co. Indian Trade Musket with buckskin wrap on forend and grip and some brass tacks. Percussion action. Guaranteed old Indian gun.
Springfield 45-70 Trapdoor45-70n/rN/R$825
As issued good solid old rifle with some blue on barrel and very good condition overall.
1874 Sharps Military Rifle44-90NSN30$4250
Factory letter indicates rifle was sent to M. Rood of Denver as a 1874 military rifle. Rifle has single trigger, three band forend, and sling swivels. In very good condition, missing front sling swivel, with traces of blue in protected areas of the barrel but most metal finish turning a dark brown/gray. Tight action with three cracks in the wrist and top of forend battered.
Sharps and Hankins52NSNN/R$1500
Civil war carbine, very good plus condition.
Smith Carbine52NSNN/R$2000
Civil war carbine, very good plus condition.
Ballard Single Shot Sporting Rifle32 rimfire long281xxN/R$950
Has #2 octagon barrel, 40% case colors, 60% blue nice wood.
Springfield Saddle Ring Trapdoor Carbine45-7013871xxN/R$1500
Solid mechanically with shootable bore, blue brown colored metal.
German Short Yeager Rifle70NSNN/R$2000
Fancy hand carved stock heavy octagon barrel, engraved lock all original excellent.
Other Antique Rifles
Spencer 1860/1865 SRC50NSN24$1650
Post war alteration saddle ring carbine. Round blued barrel with casehardend frame and walnut stock. Stabler cut-off. Very good condition, mechanically tight with fine bore with spots of light pitting.


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